We are Blu Bnana.
We are Smart Assistant Apps.
We are Android Dev.
We are Web Design.
We are Universal Windows Platform.
We are Virtual and Augmented Reality.


We are all about developing the latest and greatest tech. Right. We'll we decided to back that up y introducing a new way to contact us. That's right not phone, not email and not even flying pigeon. We want you to contact us by our very own smart assistant app. That's that talk to us directly 24/7. Try it...

Welcome Bounty Blu

Hey there I am Bounty Blu. Your very own smart assistant app from Blu Bnana.

I am here to help you get in contact with Blu Bnana. I am always learning and aim to give you the best service.

You can talk to me on your Android phone, iPhone or even your smart speaker or headphones.

Can we get started or would you like to see how to set me up up on your device? You can also chat to our agents on WhatsApp

Bounty Blu from Blu Bnana Smart assistant apps