We are Blu Bnana.
We are Smart Assistant Apps.
We are Android Dev.
We are Web Design.
We are Universal Windows Platform.
We are Virtual and Augmented Reality.

About Blu Bnana

We are Smart Assistant Apps. We talk to smart speakers, smart watches, smart phones, Cars and even smart kettles, micorwave ovens not to mention door locks....

Blu Bnana Development Logo

Est April 2015

As the story goes it all started with a dream and a company was born.


With a simple vision to be a pioneering leader of the technological revolution in Africa with technology at the heart of the solution to our challenges.


To ensure that technology works for the masses. To simplify and modernise the human computer interaction. To build a strong relationship between CPU and man. We work towards harmonising the latest technological advancements with the needs of our people.

Where are we

We cook up our solutions from 9 Krombek Street in Kempton Park. You may reach us 065 916 6578